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Burt Legal Files Lawsuit against Ensign Energy Services for Sexual Battery, Sexual Orientation Harassment and Wrongful Termination

The Law Office of Joshua A. Burt filed a lawsuit today in Federal Court against Ensign Energy Services, two of its subsidiaries and two of its employees for sexual battery, sexual orientation harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination and other related claims.  The complaint alleges that Ensign’s employees accused the Plaintiff of being a homosexual and routinely sexually battered the Plaintiff.  One one occasion, an employee threw Plaintiff to the ground and stripped his outer layer of clothes before grabbing his genitals.  All the while make reference to Plaintiff’s alleged sexual orientation.  Another time, when the employees were staying at a hotel for work, an employee barged into Plaintiff’s hotel room and accosted him while he was taking a shower.  These employees continued to sexually batter and harass Plaintiff on numerous other occasions.  However, Plaintiff’s complaints to management were ignored.  In fact, when Plaintiff made his final complaint, his manager expressed that he didn’t care and promptly fired Plaintiff.  The Plaintiff is seeking damages for lost wages, emotional and physical trauma, and punitive damages.

Burt Legal Featured in the Ventura County Star

The Law Office of Joshua A. Burt was recently featured in the Ventura County Star.  Click here to see what the Star has to say.

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