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Burt Legal Obtains Judgment For $429,779.00

Today, The Law Office of Joshua A. Burt secured a judgment in favor of its client, Kristine Avalos, in the matter of Avalos v. Wahome, et al. in the sum of $429,779.00 plus attorneys’ fees.  The defendants, Michael Wahome and his companies, subjected Ms. Avalos to terrible sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation during her employment.  Ms. Avalos was the only woman in a business dominated by aggressive and inappropriate men who sought to demoralize Ms. Avalos and make her quit.  When she refused to quit, the targeting of Ms. Avalos both escalated and became more frequent until the defendants ultimately fired her for her complaints.

This judgment will help Ms. Avalos recover from her wrongful termination and inability to work as a result of the traumatic events she suffered while employed by the defendants.

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