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Burt Legal Files Suit Against American Bottling, Inc. for Breach of Contract and Fraud

The Law Office of Joshua A. Burt filed a lawsuit today against American Bottling, Inc. for breach of contract and fraud.  The complaint alleges that, although America Bottling, Inc. agreed to deliver bottles of a correctly formulated energy drink to a customer, American Bottling, Inc. delivered less than one-third of the bottles contracted for, all of which were incorrectly formulated, and charged the plaintiff more than the agreed on price.  The plaintiff is seeking compensatory damages and punitive damages.

Burt Legal Files Suit Against Grandstay Hospitality, LLC for Whistleblower Retaliation

The Law Office of Joshua A. Burt filed a lawsuit today against Grandstay Hospitality, LLC and a supervisor for whistleblower retaliation, failure to pay overtime, denial of meal and rest breaks, and breach of privacy rights, among other things.  The complaint alleges that Grandstay Hospitality, LLC fired the plaintiff after he reported possible illegal activities by management.  Furthermore, Granstay Hospitality, LLC is alleged to have doctored time cards so as to avoid paying overtime and also failed to provide meal and rest breaks to its employees.  The plaintiff is seeking damages for lost wages, emotional trauma, and punitive damages.

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